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This Page highlights our most recent and current project work. 

Our current project work is funded by The National Lottery

and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Cymoedd Creadigol would like to thank National Lottery players 

for their contribution to the projects and such good causes!

Creu Storiau
Creating Stories

Creu Storiau is a National Lottery heritage funded project that support children, young people and families to explore Heritage and the outdoors through creative arts and storymaking.

We supported over 80 children and young people to explore local and national heritage, including the stories of Guto Nyth Bran and Blodeuwedd!

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Lleisiau Creadigol
Creative Voices

Creative Voices is a National Lottery funded project which aims to support lived experienced leaders and organisations like us to collaborate and challenge the status quo! 

This Project supports 5 organisations led by Lived Experienced Leader in RCT, these organisations are

Signposted Cymru

Treble Media Ltd

Adapt Gateway UK

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